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Les Immeubles Perron ltée

In 1915, Joseph-Euclide Perron, Eng. began as general contractor in Métabetchouan with his father, Georges Perron. In 1917, the Riverin et Riverin company in Chicoutimi contacted them to rent their steam shovel for building the City of Port Alfred’s aqueduct and sewer system. Thanks to their effective business relationship, he met and married Laure-Anna, Pitre Riverin’s daughter. He joined Riverin et Riverin and quickly became a partner. Later on, Joseph-Euclide founded the company Riverin et Perron with his stepfather. Thereafter, he became the sole shareholder of the company.

In 1949, he founded J. Euclide Perron Ltd. with his three sons, Georges-Henri, Eng., Fernand, accountant, and André, Eng. The latter developed industrial construction, a market which was booming and very promising at the time.

In 1979, Denis Perron, Eng., son of Georges-Henri, joins the company as an estimator and project manager. In 1984, it was Gilles Perron’s turn, B.A.M. Sc, son of André, to join the ranks as a controller. Today, Joseph-Euclide’s grandson perpetuates the work of their ancestors, by innovating and diversifying the company’s activities. J. Euclide Perron has been performing turn-key projects since the early years in 2000 and in 2008, the company is proud to have reached the fifth generation with Véronique Perron, Eng., daughter of Denis, who joined the company ranks as an estimator and project manager. J. Euclide Perron has been working in the Saguenay and Lac Saint-Jean communities for over 50 years. We have thus participated in the construction of several buildings that are part of our collective heritage.

Since 4 generations

Integrity, quality and know-how.

Since 1953, Les Immeubles Perron have been present in the field of real estate Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Founded by J. Euclide Perron and his eight children, the family company is now in their fourth generation of administrators. Based on entrepreneurial values such as integrity, quality and savoir faire, the management of Les Immeubles Perron have developed a sense of belonging, inspired confidence and ensured their sustainability. Today, owner of over twenty buildings, Les Immeubles Perron manage more than 500,000 square feet of office, commercial, industrial and residential spaces.


Located throughout Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Quebec, the company is known for comprehensive global management enabling them to offer high-quality spaces, in which all landscaping and maintenance services are guaranteed by a qualified and diversified team that unites architecture and construction.