Fondation de ma vie

Fondation de ma vie

Did you know that we are one of the main contributors for the Fondation de Ma Vie, an organization that contributes to regional independence in healthcare? Visit their website and make a donation today!


Since 1980, the Fondation de Ma Vie have been continuing their efforts on a daily basis by financially supporting the Chicoutimi hospital in:


  • Their priority projects for the acquisition of advanced equipment;
  • Their development projects for improving care to visitors;
  • Their academic mission, by funding research projects and supporting the educational programs offered to young doctors who choose to stay in the region for their studies;
  • Their day camps and summer camps offered to young underprivileged families in the region they serve by interim of the Fonds des 500 Jours.


It’s of the utmost importance for us to enable local residents to receive the care that they deserve close to their families.


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