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Les Immeubles Perron will unite you with the perfect space in your field of business. No matter if you require commercial, industrial, office or apartment space, we have exactly what you need. Our competitive prices and highly sought after locations will be sure to please.


Let us take care of designing and completing your development plans, from the design to construction. Due to the services from our architectural technicians, we'll help in evaluating your needs to optimize your space and please both your clientele and employees. Thereafter, we'll begin implementing your project. You'll therefore be able to occupy a space that suits you and meets your needs. Our privileged relationship with J. E. Perron, a general construction contractor, will ensure quality service and that the work will be completed on time.


Our privileged relationship with the contractor J.E. Perron (www.jeperron.ca) will ensure high-quality service that is fast and effective. Composed of a team of project management professionals, your construction, restoration or landscaping work will be performed without worry. In addition, the business relationships we have with certain specialized and qualified contractors, will ensure that you'll always get the best service at competitive rates. Thus, you'll be able to concentrate on your company knowing that your project is in good hands.

Project management

Our qualified staff is committed to carry out your projects to fruition and thus ensuring your peace of mind. We have the skills required for your projects to be successful. We take care of finding the workforce, materials and subcontractors to carry out the work, we obtain the required permits, coordinate with all stakeholders, produce timelines, ensure that they are respected, perform quality control and supervise the ensemble of work until commissioning. You can therefore concentrate on your business by knowing that the work will be carried out to your satisfaction once complete.

Plan and estimate

Our team will be pleased to design the plans and estimate by combining needs and compliance. Due to their savoir faire, they'll produce documents that meet both your needs and the requirements from the National Building Code of Canada and the industry. The specifications will describe the responsibilities of each of the specializations to prevent any ambiguity and conflict between the various stakeholders during the course of your project.


Les Immeubles Perron have a maintenance team who can meet all of your needs at all times. No matter if it's in regard to exterior or interior upkeep, periodic or punctual maintenance, we will ensure your satisfaction and make your life easier. Available at all times, you'll find solutions for your requests, no matter the time of day.